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Fungal infections of mangroves in natural forests and reforestation sites from Philippines

Andriani Rafael,2019
The prevalence of fungal infections and the occurrence of fungi in mangrove leaves from in natural forests and reforestation sites were compared in three areas from Philippines: Central VisayasBais, Negros Oriental, Alcantara, Cebu and Pangangan Island, Bohol. Three diseases were identified, namely
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Improving Teaching Skills of the Prospective Physical Education Teachers through Drill Guide Method

Jusuf Blegur, Andreas J. F. Lumba,2019
This study aimed at improving the teaching skills of prospective physical education teachers by using the drill guide method. The design used was Classroom Action Research from S. Kemmis and R. McTaggart involving 41 research subjects. Data for each cycle were taken by using teaching skill observati
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Potret Kecerdasan Emosional Mahasiswa Pada Perkuliahan Seminar Pendidikan Jasmani

Jacob J. S. A. Luan, Jusuf Blegur,2019
Umumnya masyarakat beranggapan bahwa IQ merupakan suatu kecerdasan yang paling penting dan selalu menjadi tolak ukur dalam kecerdasan seorang individu dalam meraih keberhasilan pembelajaran. Namun kecerdasan intelektual (IQ) bukanlah satu-satunya faktor yang menentukan hasil belajar mahasiswa, tetap
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The Correlation between Time Management and Student Learning Outcomes in Physical Education

Jusuf Blegur, M. Rambu P. Wasak, Mieke Souisa,2019
This research was conducted with an aim to examine the relationship of time management with the physical education learning outcomes in high-school students of both genders, aged 17.60±0.89 (Mean±SD). The data of Time management from respondents were taken using the Time Management Questionnaire (
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Students’ Self-Confidence Restoration with Peer Mentoring Strategy

Jusuf Blegur, M. Rambu P. Wasak, Renya Rosari,2019
The research objective is to restore students’ self-confidence in learning process using peer mentoring strategies. The research design used is classroom action research by involving students who experience selfconfidence problems determined purposively (five participants). Data were collected usi
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