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Motivasi Berolahraga Atlet Atletik dan Tinju

Jusuf Blegur, Ramona M. Mae,2018
The objective of this research is to do a comparison test between athletic and boxing athletes’ sport motivation in Student Education and Training Center, East Nusa Tenggara by involving 26 athletes as the sample (13 athletic athletes and 13 boxing athletes).This research used quantitative appro
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Konsep Diri Akademik sebagai Solusi Mengendalikan Kecemasan Berkomunikasi Peserta Didik

Jusuf Blegur, Ramona M. Mae, M. Rambu P. Wasak,2018
The purpose of the study is to connect academic concepts to the issues of students in the learning process. Participants are 31 students of class F (determined using total sampling technique. Data for`academic self-concept were collected using Academic Self Concept Questionnaire from Woon C. Liu and
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I Feel Anxious when Communicating: Questioning Students’ Learning Readiness

Jusuf Blegur, Ramona M. Mae, Mieke Souisa,2018
When learning process occurs, the educators expect students’ fully participation. However, learners experience various obstacles in their participation efforts, such as feelings of anxiety during presentations and discussions. This study aims to investigate students’ anxiety predictors when doin
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Students' Academic Self-Concept: A Founding Strategy in Leaning Process

Jusuf Blegur, M. Rambu P. Wasak, Poho Pabala,2018
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Comparison of litter production between natural and reforested mangrove areas in Central Philippines

Andriani Rafael,2018
Litter production in natural and reforested mangrove forests was measured for a one-year cycle, from July 2105 to June 2016, in three sites: Bais (Negros Oriental), Alcantara (Cebu Province), and Pangangan Island (Bohol Province). In Bais, total litter production was higher in natural mangrove fores
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