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The Correlation between Time Management and Student Learning Outcomes in Physical Education

        Jusuf Blegur, M. Rambu P. Wasak, Mieke Souisa,2019
This research was conducted with an aim to examine the relationship of time management with the physical education learning outcomes in high-school students of both genders, aged 17.60±0.89 (Mean±SD). The data of Time management from respondents were taken using the Time Management Questionnaire (Alay & Kocak, 2002). Data on learning outcomes were taken from the learning value of Physical Education students in the first semester of the school year 2018/2019. The results of the descriptive test indicates that the time management of students was classified as fair (62.71%) and their learning outcomes were also good (83.05%), while the results of the Pearson test showed a significant relationship between time management with physical education learning outcomes (0.314) Thus, educators can train students to develop time management skills by arranging plans before doing, determining and setting work priorities, being responsible for work time and priorities, and avoiding unfavorable activities.

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