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Motivasi Berolahraga Atlet Atletik dan Tinju

        Jusuf Blegur, Ramona M. Mae,2018
The objective of this research is to do a comparison test between athletic and boxing athletes’ sport motivation in Student Education and Training Center, East Nusa Tenggara by involving 26 athletes as the sample (13 athletic athletes and 13 boxing athletes).This research used quantitative approach with comparative design. Data was collected using The Sport Motivation Scale (SMS) created by Luc G. Pelletier, Michelle Fortier, Robert J. Vallerand, Nathalle M. Brierre, Kim M. Tuson, and Marc R. Blas in 1995. The result indicates that the level of athletic and boxing athlete’s’ sport motivation was good, respectively 69.2% and 92.3%. The average value of the boxing athletes is higher than the athletic athletes while the standard deviation value of the athletic athletes is higher than the boxing athletes. Generally, there is no significant difference between sport motivation toward the two sample groups (0.703 > 0.05). However, there is a significant difference (0.004 < 0.05) in sub-variables of intrinsic motivation to experience stimulation from both research sample groups.

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