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Impresi Permainan Bolaku-Temanku terhadap Pembentukan Karakter Kerjasama Siswa Sekolah Dasar

        Andreas J. F. Lumba, Jusuf Blegur,2020
Playing activities and games in learning have helped students develop themselves holistically. They look highly expressive to cultivate their thoughts, behavior, and feelings during the play. The purpose of this research was to examine the impression of the game My ball-My friend toward the cooperation character of students. This research used One Group Pre-test Post-test Design involving 35 elementary school students with one-semester treatment. The data was collected using a questionnaire and was analyzed descriptively and t-test to categorize as well as to test the impression of the game My ball-My friend. The results prove that My ball-My friend game can impress students’ character cooperation through warming-up and cooling down activities at the same time with games, students are also taught that to be able to cooperate optimally, they must accept the various disparities of group members. Thus, My ball-My friend game activity can be a reference for teachers in developing students’ character cooperation in learning activities.

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Dokumen publikasi_Impresi permainan Bolaku-Temanku terhadap pembentukan karakter kerjasama siswa sekolah dasar.pdf

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