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Morphometric analysis, density and diversity of macroalga in Dara Mara marine waters, Anarae Village, Nuse Rote Ndao

        Alfred G.O. Kase; Anggreini D.N. Rupidara;Sony R.,2019
Alfred G. O. Kase1, Anggreini D.N. Rupidara2, Sony R. Klila2, Alan Ch. Sabuna2, Anthoinette R. F. Anakotta1, Yohanes Meryanto1, Imanuel J. Emola1 and Donny M. Bessie1 1Aquatic Resources Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science of Artha Wacana Christian University, Adisoecipto Street, Oesapa, Kupang - Indonesia. 2Biology Education Department, Artha Wacana Christian University, Oesapa, Kupang, Indonesia ABSTRACT This research was about morphometric analysis of macroalgae, density and diversity, located in marine waters of Dara Mara, Anarae Village, Ndao Nuse Sub District, Rote Ndao Regency. This study aims to identify and measure the morphometric, density and diversity of macroalgae. Transect line method using quadrants were used in this study. The results showed that there were 21 macroalgae species consisting of 11 species of Cholorophyta, 3 species of Phaeophyta and 7 species of Rhodophyta. The highest species and relative density of macroalgae were found in Caulerpa species which were 6.8 individuals/m2 and 51.127%, while the lowest were Codiumedule, Halimeda opuntia, Monostroma nitidum, Dictyota cervicornis, and Padina japonica, which were 0.033 individuals/m2 and 0.250%. The diversity index were low with the value of H ‘0.76, while the morphometric analysis of each species showed significant differences in each type of algae, presumably due to differences of environmental factors. Key words : Macroalgae, Morphometrics, Diversity.

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